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My work stems from a love of hats and the way in which they enhance the stature and feelings of the wearer. During my degree in Three Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art I developed an interest in head adornment and an appreciation of the qualities of wood veneer and now specialise in creating headwear using this material.

Whilst the nature of veneer lends itself to such forms, it is not a material usually associated with headwear. I enjoy experimenting with techniques and finishes that enhance the intrinsic qualities of wood veneer and feel that there are endless possibilities.

Using both woodworking and jewellery techniques I create headpieces from strips of curved and twisted veneer which I laminate with other materials such as leather, paper, suede and felt to add texture. Combining these techniques with simple blocked felt forms, I offer a range of elegantly trimmed hats for those who prefer a more substantial item of headwear.

I am also interested in the historical and cultural associations with headwear; hats are worn so infrequently now that many people feel awkward about wearing them when actually the right hat or headpiece can elevate an outfit and enhance the wearer; giving them the thrill of standing out in a crowd!

Its all about the way you wear them and I'm happy to work with you to design and make the perfect hat or headpiece for your occasion.